Our idea

In recent years, we have experienced firsthand the impact of living alcohol-free. We decided to reduce our alcohol consumption for various health reasons, both physical and mental. This sparked an immediate question: what do we drink when we choose not to consume alcohol?

One of the most enlightening aspects of this new lifestyle has been realizing how much our social interactions are influenced by social drinking. Alcohol seemed to be an elixir used for entertaining social connections, leading us to wonder: what do we toast with when we want to celebrate our achievements?

This led us on a journey of searching, tasting, and ultimately creating our own alternative – Le Mat.

But why create another substitute when there are already various options available?

We felt that there was a lack of a truly delicious non-alcoholic alternative to wine or sparkling wine. Having tasted numerous wines, we noticed that the dealcoholization process often left the alcohol-free wine with an unsatisfactory aftertaste. Our ambition was to recreate wine that is not only healthier and tasty but also alcohol-free.


Le Mat is the name of the first arcana in the Marseille tarot. We want our drinks to embody the same energy as the archetype represented by the arcana of The Fool – the energy of one who continually moves forward and follows their own path.

Le Mat is honest, courageous, and guided solely by his own being. Intuition and inner knowledge are his most precious guides. He creates his own rules without concern for those who try to hold him back. An avid traveler, he journeys lightly, carrying only what is absolutely necessary, symbolizing a return to his essence.

He relinquishes the values society places on material possessions, recognizing his own inherent worth.

This is precisely the meaning we wish to convey through our creation.

social connections.


These drinks came to life out of passion. The passion of two people for experimenting with tastes and social interactions.

George is our definition of flavor.

With over 10 years of experience as a chef, he has always had this fascination about how taste creates and influences social connections. He studied the history of art and wrote his bachelor’s thesis about food and relational aesthetics in contemporary art, simply put, about how artists use food as a medium of expression.

Marius is our definition of celebration.

He is a passionate cook as well, but his interest lies in the depths of multiculturality, his studies and work experiences being related to the fields of tourism and hospitality and also having worked in the United States for a long time.

When flavor meets celebration,
Le Mat is born.